Perfect and accurate pumping solutions

Earthlink provides low pulsating flow and accurate metering. Its progressive cavity pumps are extremely dependable and are ideally suitable for fiber and textile industry applications. The fiber and textile industry requires pumping solutions for accurately measuring color pigments, dye, bleach, etc., and also handling abrasive chemicals like latex, wastewater, sludge, etc. that can be extremely tough to handle.

Pumping water or dyes is a necessity for the textile industry. Pumps are used not only in the textile manufacturing process as different fibers are used to create fabrics but also for cleaning and maintenance for various parts of the process.

Air Compressor

No more extra hassle

Earthlink’s comprehensive lineup of air compressors includes both reciprocating and rotary screw design machines. Whether you need a high-powered compressor to run an integrated PFY plant, a medium-duty machine to run a denim spinner, or a basic unit for driving a loom or ginning mill, we can help. Our products include the industry workhorse QR-25, the powerful QSI, and more. Let us help you assess your needs and select the best product for your operation.