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The application of a rotary vane vacuum pump in glass manufacturing contributes to a low carbon economy. The development of winter heating and summer air conditioning not only gives people a comfortable life but also brings huge energy consumption. Building energy consumption has accounted for nearly 30% of the total energy consumption. What’s more, with the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, building energy consumption will increase rapidly. Huge energy consumption and environmental pollution have become serious problems for India’s sustainable development.

The production of hollow glass products requires the use of a large amount of compressed air and vacuum. Ensuring the quality and reliability of all plant components is a top priority, as equipment failure in the manufacturing process is bound to be very costly. Earthlink compressors and Earthlink vacuum pumps are the best solutions for 24-hour operation.

Air Compressor

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Compressed air drives the manufacturing sector on all conceivable fronts. From the production of sheet glass and metals to more specific items like bottles, jars, and containers, compressed air is utilized to drive along with the conveyor systems that move the materials through the mixing process and ultimately through to the finishing stages.

For nearly a century, Earthlink has been among the world’s leading makers of air compressors for glass manufacturing and numerous other industries. Earthlink has developed compressors that provide air power to the factory machinery that produces everything from bottles, jars, bowls, and plates to the slabs of glass that are used for windows in houses, buildings, and automobiles across the globe.

At Earthlink, we manufacture rotary screw air compressors and vacuum pumps that have the power to drive the processes necessary for glass production in mass volumes. The optimal efficiency of our rotary screw compressors makes these machines easy to operate and maintain.