Industrial Pumps

Pumps that make your steel business solid

Industrial pumps and transfer pumps are the two most important operative components in a steel factory. The involvement of pumping operation is at every stage from blasting the furnace to melt elements to oil pumping and transmission of liquid metal for cooling into the moulds.

With a proven record of delivering high-grade pumps you can rely on us and our pumping solutions for complete end to end smooth operations for all your industrial and transfer pumping needs.

Air Compressor

Excellent performance and stability under extreme conditions

Steel companies are said to be extreme in terms of environmental conditions. High temperatures & rough environments may got the machine and industrial components to get worn and torn very soon. In these rough conditions, the air compressors we deliver stand out as remarkable performers from regular industrial components.

At Earthlink, our air compressor solutions cover all the needs from the production area to the transmission area to storage facilities. We ace it all with our air compressors.