Harness the power of reliable pumping systems

Earthlink is the supplier of specialized pumps for the pulp & paper industry. 

We offer long-lasting solutions for problems such as leaking seals, long downtime periods, inefficient water treatment processes, and low-efficiency problems. Pumps from Verder offer stability and continuity. Pumps delivered by Earthlink help you in using raw materials, water, and energy more efficiently.

Whether your production process is traditional or based on recycled materials and when you manufacture products and other novel materials for the textile, cosmetics, food, and pharmaceutical industries, such as tissue papers, pulp for hygiene products, Earthlink can advise and assist you.

Air Compressor

Maximize the efficiency and profitability

To get the best results from your press and to maximize the productivity of your bindery department, look to your compressed air system.

A quality air compressor will help reduce or eliminate moisture in the airlines, preserving the life of equipment and product. It will keep your presses running, your collator collating, and your folders folding. It will help the state-of-the-art printing equipment you’ve invested in produce the best results. Most importantly, it will help keep your operation profitable.

Print shops utilize compressed air throughout the printing and bindery process to deliver a quality product. Identifying the best piston, reciprocating, or oil-lubricated compressor will maximize efficiency and profitability for your facility.   

Earthlink delivers efficient and reliable air compressors that are ideal for a wide variety of uses in the paper industry.