Fire Hydrant Systems

Install Fire hydrant systems for on-premise momentary fire fighting needs in-case of fire outbreaks

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A complete end-to-end solution for fire
hydrant system installation

From Consultation, site audit, system planning & design to installation, testing, commissioning and maintenance, we have got you covered with an end-to-end offering for installation of fire hydrant systems.

Central Alarms

Notifies every person on premises in every corner as soon as it detects the fire (smoke) and activates the hydrant systems

Extinguishers & Suppressors

Acts as a first line of defense to stop wide spreading of fire in case of outbreaks

Fire Hydrant

Being the most conventional and most trusted fire defence system, fire hydrants guarantees safety against fire outbreaks in premises

Water sprinklers

This part of the fire hydrant system discharges the water supply in case of fire outbreaks with adequate pressure and flow to stop or limit fire depending on the capabilities.

Water sprayers

Connected to a reliable source of water, water sprayer is a long pipe with a water discharge nosel at the end for high pressure water discharge in case of wide fire spread.

Storage Tanks

Feeling the sprayers and sprinklers, the storage tanks keeps the water storage for the use in case of emergency and provide an adequate supply to the sprinklers.

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Let us safeguard your premises from any possibilities of fire and related danger with our advanced fire safety systems

Range of Fire Hydrant System Products

Single & Double hydrant valve

Single & Double hydrant valve

A fire hydrant valve is a valve that is used to distribute water from a water main to the fire hose. 

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Hose pipe and hose boxes

Hose pipe and hose boxes

Fire hose pipes are firefighting tools used for extinguishing fires. They carry water or other fire-retardant chemicals to the point of origin of a fire, which serves to extinguish it.

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Branch Pipes

Branch Pipes

Branch pipe is a type of firefighting nozzle that is attached to a hose line and used to direct a stream of water onto a fire.

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Hose drums and reels

Hose drums and reels

Hose reel drums are cylindrical spindles made of metal, fiber glass, or plastic that are used to store hose pipes. 

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Upright sprinkler pendant

Upright sprinkler pendant

An upright sprinkler pendant is a type of fire sprinkler system that is designed to be installed in an upright position, with the sprinkler head pointing upwards towards the ceiling.

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High pressure water sprayer nozzles

High pressure water sprayer nozzles

Spray nozzles with high velocities (HV) are mostly employed to defend against fixed hazards.

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Earthlink’s Fire Safety Products Offerings

Fire Suppression System

Get the first line of defence in place for the fire outbreaks with a fire suppression system. With fire suppression systems stop the fire before it spreads.

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Fire Alarm Systems

Explore how fire alarm & detection systems can defeat every possibility of fire outbreaks with advanced sensors and technology

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Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers can be a life saviour when all the automatic system fails to defeat fire. A fire extinguisher system equips to manually fight the fire and escape the premises.

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Public Address System

The multipurpose PA (Public Address) systems can be installed to keep every worker on-site in any corner notified and alerted in case of hazards

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Why Choose Earthlink for Fire Safety Products

Beside the quality products and on time deliveries, there’s a lot that sets us apart from the competition, here’s what it is.

Excellent After Sales Services

We don’t leave you at the delivery and installation. We do serve with AMCs for the projects we do

Extended Warranties for lasting trust

We have believe in our quality and to get your trust we provide extended warranties to all our products

Maintenance Settings

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1. What is the fire hydrant system?

A fire hydrant is a channel that allows water to flow from a water main through a valve to extinguish a fire. The Fire Hydrant Protection System is intended to battle large-scale fires in all risk classes. It is intended to function even if a portion of the affected structure collapses.

Fire hydrants come in two types: wet hydrants and dry hydrants.

Hydrants are water extraction devices used in pipelines and water distribution systems. A fire hydrant can ensure quick water supply in the event of a fire. The connections to the pipes are tapped with hydrant wrenches and hydrant standpipes, and the fire vehicles are then attached.

Dry Barrel Hydrant:
> Dry barrel hydrants are used in cold locations where the temperature frequently drops below the freezing point of water.
> The water in the dry barrel design is kept below ground to prevent freezing.
> On the other hand, dry barrel hydrants cost more and take longer to construct.
> The maintenance is somewhat challenging.
Wet Barrel Hydrant:
> Wet hydrants are used when freezing of the water is not a problem.
> In this plan, the water is above ground.
> Wet Hydrant is simpler to construct and less expensive.
> Wet barrel hydrants are simpler to maintain due to their ease of access.

There are Commonly four types of fire hydrant pumps:
1. horizontal split case,
2. Vertical split case,
3. Vertical in-line
4. Vertical turbine.

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