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Earthlink Technologies is a trusted name when it comes to sewage treatment plant manufacturers and project contractors to serve industrial sewage treatment plant needs.

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Earthlink’s Sewage treatment plant installation guide

Earthlink Technologies with an acclaimed identity as a prominent project contractor for sewage treatment plant can design, deliver and maintain sewage treatment plant as per your need.

Our set system of process for maintenance and installation allows us to be nit tight and ensure maximum quality at every step right from installation to testing and then after maintenance. On receiving your detailed requirements we kick off with a detailed site analysis and planning for the complete plant setup. We assist you until final testing and then after you can also avail our operation & maintenance services.

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Let us make sure the efficient use of water and the well treated outcomes with our waste water and water treatment plant solutions

Technologies used for effluent treatment

SBR based treatment

SBR based treatment

The SBR technology is a common and widely used water treatment system. Also known as Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR) water treatment systems.

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MBBR based treatment

MBBR based treatment

The Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR) is a biological wastewater treatment technology suitable for municipal and industrial applications.

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MBR based treatment

MBR based treatment

The Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) is a novel wastewater treatment method. It combines two technologies, as the name implies, membrane filtration and biological treatment.

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Earthlink Water Treatment Solution’s Expertise

Waste Water Treatment

From requirement analysis to installation & testing, we have got you all covered for your waste water treatment plant needs.

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Effluent Treatment

Effluent treatment plants helps treat the industrial waste water to make it reusable for purposes like car wash, gardening, flush, and more.

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Operation & Maintenance

We don’t leave you after installation. We stand by your side to assist you for the continuous operation & maintenance of the water treatment plant.

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Why Choose Earthlink for Water Treatment Solutions

Beside the quality products and on time deliveries, there’s a lot that sets us apart from the competition, here’s what it is.

Excellent After Sales Services

We don’t leave you at the delivery and installation. We do serve with AMCs for the projects we do

Extended Warranties for lasting trust

We have believe in our quality and to get your trust we provide extended warranties to all our products

Trained team of Professionals

With Earthlink, you also get a support of a team strength of 30 people who are professionally trained and certified for dedicated and specific tasks.


1. What are the types of sewage treatment? and use of its.

There are three main types or areas of Sewage treatment plane.
Primary, Secondary & Tertiary Treatment.
1. Primary Treatment: Here, suspended solids, colloidal particles, oil, and grease are remove.
2. Secondary Treatment: Here, Remove the organic matter present.
3. Tertiary Treatment: It removes the load of nitrogen and phosphorus present in the water.

Biocell sewage treatment plants is the Best sewage treatment plant.
Because it has many advantages like; Its consumption of electricity is very low; It contain stainless steel reinforced tank that is strong and long-lasting.

Aerobic wastewater treatment is a biological treatment that utilizes oxygen to break down organic materials while also removing contaminants such as nitrogen and phosphorus.

Anaerobic treatment is a process where microorganisms break degrade wastewater or material without the help of dissolved oxygen. However, anaerobic bacteria may and will use the oxygen found in the oxides injected into the system, as well as organic material in the effluent.

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