Easy Installation, More Water

Common issues with pumps in the dairy industry include leaking seals, issues with food safety, low efficiency, and product damage. Also, the degree of efficiency and the cleanability of the pumps are playing a major role. Add this to the frequently heard complaint of a high total cost of ownership, then it will be clear that a well-chosen, reliable and cleanable pump can yield a lot of profit.

Verder has solutions for these issues with pumps in many areas in the dairy process line for the production of, amongst others ice cream, cheese, butter, yogurt, and other dairy products based on milk.

The our hygienic pumping program consists of transfer pumps, CIP pumps, and dosing pumps, on the principle of a centrifugal, rotary lobe, twin screw, AODD, and peristaltic. 

Depending on your specific process Earthlink will advise the best pumping solutions for you!

Air Compressor

More agriculture, even easier

Modern agriculture depends on a variety of machinery and equipment that needs compressed air to properly function. With the high demands of farm work, having a dependable compressor on hand is crucial to complete tasks when needed, and to maintain a safe and working operation.

Compressed air has become a useful addition to the modern dairy farm. Air compressors can power milking machines along with powering flush systems that keep milking parlors sanitary by washing away animal waste.

Compressed air helps cultivate clean air and good ventilation, which are essential to the growth and success of crops in a greenhouse.

Compressed air can be used to run conveyors, pumps, sprayers, and other equipment. With a wide range of uses, air compressors can be useful to both small-scale farms and larger agricultural corporations.

It is crucial to have a tractor, vehicle, and trailer tires in proper working condition. Air compressors allow for fast and easy tire tune-ups on site, preserving productivity and safety.