Get the right pump for your chemical applications

Selecting the right pump for your chemical industry is very important for ensuring uninterrupted production and the assurance of safety and environmental regulations. The chemical industry requires pumps for dosing, transfer, or liquid circulation of hazardous and flammable chemicals.  

Earthlink delivers durable and reliable pumps that adhere to the industry’s best practices and always value workplace safety and environmental regulations.

Air Compressor

Compressors that meet the exact standards of the industry

There are multiple applications for compressed air in the chemical and petrochemical industries like to reduce the volume of gases for storage purposes, in the compression of gases that must be pumped into the pipeline, in the equipment that supplies production lines, for the handling, cleaning, nitrogen generation required in many chemical processes, in the cleaning and aeration processes of products or in mixing procedures to accelerate their drying.

Earthlink delivers best-in-class Chicago Pneumatic air compressors for high performance and good stability.