What is MBBR technology for water treatment plants?

What is MBBR technology?

The Moving bed biofilm reactor (MBBR) is a biological wastewater treatment technology suitable for municipal and industrial applications.
Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor commonly known as MBBR technology for water treatment plants, It uses drifting plastic transporters (media) inside the air circulation tank to build how many microorganisms are accessible to treat the wastewater.

Another familiar name for MBBR is moving bed film reactor. Invented during the 1980s, MBBR offers a prudent answer for wastewater treatment. STP MBBR innovation uses a moving bed biofilm reactor in sewage treatment plants.

How MBBR Works?

The MBBR cycle uses drifting plastic transporters (media) inside the air circulation tank to build how many microorganisms are accessible to treat the wastewater. The organisms consume natural materials. The press gives an expanded surface region to the organic microorganisms to connect to and fill in the air circulation tanks. The extended surface region lessens the impression of the tanks expected to treat the wastewater. The media is ceaselessly unsettled by rises from the air circulation framework that adds oxygen to the lower part of the primary compartment of the air circulation tank. The microorganisms consume natural materials. When contrasted with standard optional treatment, it gives unrivalled effectiveness and worth.

The MBBR media or biochips used solely by Ecologix have an active surface region > 4000 m2/m3, which depends on six (6) times more prominent than any contending media accessible available today.

The MBBR is a finished blend, a constant move-through process that depends on the biofilm rule and joins the advantages of the enacted muck process and common fixed film frameworks without their hindrances.

Specification in MBBR

  • Appropriate for a great many plants going from 10 KLD to 3000 KLD.
  • Upgraded treatment limit by Dual screen framework. Compelling Customized Aeration framework.
  • Dual working mode (Manual and Automatic).
  • Cutting edge checking and estimating framework.
  • Fit for decreasing high grouping of BOD, COD, and TSS decrease.
  • Quiet activities.
  • Adaptable establishment mode, Aboveground and underground.
  • Enduring desludging period.
  • Successful cleaning unit.
  • Accessible in Module or Civil design.
  • Appropriate for a wide range of modern and homegrown water treatment necessities.

Application of MBBR

  • Hotels & Resorts.
  • Urban & Rural Infrastructure.
  • Food-processing units.
  • Hospitals & Malls.
  • Textile Industry.
  • Commercial & Residential complex.
  • School, Colleges & Institutions.
  • Power Plants.
  • Automobiles Industries.
  • Oil & Gas companies.
  • Iron & Steel Industries.
  • Fertilizer & Solvent Extractors.
  • Petrochemicals
  • Refinery.
  • Pharmaceuticals.
  • Pulp and Papers Industries.
  • Dye & Chemicals Units.

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