Hose drums and reels

What is Hose reel?

A hose reel is a device for easily accessing and storing a hose on a barrel. It is a system made to conveniently make hoses, cords, flexible tubing, and wire available for usage right away.

What is a hose reel drum?

Hose reel drums are cylindrical spindles made of metal, fiber glass, or plastic that are used to store hose pipes. Hose reel drums come in a variety of sizes depending on where they are installed (garden, building, or industry).

What purpose do hose reels serve?

Fire hose reels must be connected to a pressurized water source, such as the mains supply or a storage tank, in order to deliver a controlled supply of water to combat any potential fire risk involving flammable solids (Class A).

The different types of hose reels

Static Discharge Hose Reel

For hazardous and dangerous grounding or fuelling conditions, static discharge reels are used. They are utilised in the aviation industry for refuelling, hazardous situations, chemical facilities, grain elevators, and rescue missions.

High Pressure Hose Reel

As a safety measure, high pressure hose reels are used to store these hoses. They must adhere to strict application requirements and are made to withstand the pressure in the hose. Pressurised hoses are prevented from kinking, tangling, or being damaged by high pressure hose reels, which could drop the pressure in the hose line.

Chemical Hose Reel

For the secure transportation of chemicals, there is a chemical hose reel. With a stainless steel route made of non-corrosive material, they are designed to withstand the effects of dangerous and corrosive substances.

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