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Fire extinguishers serves as the best fire fighter for early stage fire outbreaks in any premises to give a safe exit and extinguish fire in case of small outbreaks

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Earthlink’s advanced Fire Extinguishers

Earthlink Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is one of the most remarkable player in serving the industrial needs across India. With the trust on Earthlink’s Brand Name and faith in advanced technology the fire extinguisher systems becomes a safest choice to Install as a first line defense for small scale fire.

Types of Fire Extinguishers Earthlink Offers

Our range of fire alarm system products includes advanced smoke detectors, heat detectors, and multi-sensor detectors for accurate hazard detection. 

Clean Agent Extinguisher

The name clean agent slightly tells you about the concept of a Clean Agent Gas Extinguisher

CO2 Extinguighers

CO2-based fire extinguishers control the oxygen content. Scientifically any fire outbreak has three elements that cause to continue the fire.

Water based extinguishers

Water fire extinguishers are a cylinder filled with water and air. This combination is ideally used for flammable solids such as wood and paper. 

A/B/C type extinguishers

ABC fire extinguisher is a multi-purpose fire extinguisher that can be used on fires involving Class A, Class B, and Class C materials.

Foam Based Extinguishers

Foam fire extinguishers are also known as AFFF which means Aqueous Film Forming Foam. 

Special Application Extinguishers

Special application extinguishers are those that are specifically designed to fight specific types of fires.

Modular Extinguishers

When it comes to fire safety, you can never be too prepared. That’s why it’s important to know about all the different types of extinguishers available to you.

BC Power based extinguishers

BC power based extinguisher is a type of fire extinguisher that uses pressurized water or foam to extinguish fires. 


Let us safeguard your premises from any possibilities of fire and related danger with our advanced fire safety systems

Earthlink’s Fire Safety Products Offerings

Fire Suppression System

Get the first line of defence in place for the fire outbreaks with a fire suppression system. With fire suppression systems stop the fire before it spreads.

Fire Hydrant System

Safeguard the complete premises in cases of unpredictable wide fire outbreaks with fire hydrant systems which activate instantly on smoke detection.

Fire Alarm Systems

Explore how fire alarm & detection systems can defeat every possibility of fire outbreaks with advanced sensors and technology

Public Address System

The multipurpose PA (Public Address) systems can be installed to keep every worker on-site in any corner notified and alerted in case of hazards

Sectors We Serve

Serving diverse sectors with tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of industries, businesses, and communities worldwide.


Removing drug residues and chemicals to prevent water pollution and protect ecosystems, while implementing advanced fire safety systems to ensure the secure operation of pharmaceutical facilities.


Treating water to remove impurities and ensure sustainable processes, while incorporating fire safety systems to protect high-temperature operations in the ceramic industry.


Purifying water to remove oils, fuels, and heavy metals, protecting water sources and environmental integrity, while seamlessly integrating fire safety systems to safeguard manufacturing processes.


Cleaning to remove dyes and chemicals, preventing water pollution and preserving aquatic ecosystems, while incorporating fire safety systems to protect production facilities.

Hotels and Clubs

Filtering out detergents and pollutants to ensure wastewater meets environmental regulations and protects water bodies, while integrating fire safety systems to safeguard guests and facilities.

Food and Beverages

Ensuring quality and safety by removing organic waste and contaminants, while providing comprehensive fire safety solutions to protect production facilities.


Optimizing water treatment to support sustainable energy production, while incorporating fire safety systems to ensure the protection and efficiency of solar power facilities.


Filtering out contaminants to ensure safe water discharge and maintaining environmental health in urban areas, while integrating comprehensive fire safety systems to protect your assets.


Treating to neutralize and remove harmful substances, safeguarding water quality and environmental health, while integrating advanced fire safety systems to protect your operations.

Why Choose Earthlink for Fire Safety Products

Beside the quality products and on time deliveries, there’s a lot that sets us apart from the competition, here’s what it is.

Excellent After Sales Services

We don’t just stop at delivery and installation; we provide ongoing support with Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMCs) for all our projects. Our commitment ensures your systems remain reliable and efficient long after installation. With our AMCs, you benefit from regular maintenance, timely updates, and expert support. Trust us to be your long-term partner in safety and performance.

Trained team of Professionals

With Earthlink, you also get a support of a team strength of 30 people who are professionally trained and certified for dedicated and specific tasks.

Extended Warranties for lasting trust

We believe in the quality of our products and to earn your trust, we offer extended warranties on all our items. This ensures you have peace of mind and confidence in the durability and reliability of our products. With our extended warranties, you can rely on long-term protection and support.


Common Questions About Pricing
1. What are the Types of Fire Extinguishers?

There are Eight different types of fire Extinguishers.
1. Clean Agent Extinguisher
2. CO2 Extinguighers
3. Water based extinguishers
4. A/B/C type extinguishers
5. Foam Based Extinguishers
6. Special Application Extinguishers
7. Modular Extinguishers
8. BC Power based extinguishers

2. Why do fire extinguishers expire?

Extinguishers contain a pressured gas, usually nitrogen or carbon dioxide, which can lose pressure over time and become useless. Alternatively, if the chemical is used, it will naturally not be present inside the equipment.

3. What exactly is a clean agent fire extinguisher?

A clean agent is any form of fire extinguishing agent that is not electrically conducting, volatile, or gaseous, and leaves no residue upon evaporation. Clean agent fire suppression systems work by storing an inert gas or chemical in a container and releasing it when a fire is detected.

4. What is the difference between ABC type and CO2 based fire extinguisher?

ABC type Fire extinguisher – It contains mono-ammonium phosphate as a dry chemical agent to smother the flames and extinguish the fire. It can be used to put out any form of fire.
Carbon Dioxide based (CO2) – It is mostly used for class B fires (flammable liquids and gases) and class C fires (electrically powered).

5. What is BC in BC Powder based extinguishers?

BC Fire Extinguishers are recognized as Dry Chemical Extinguishers. They can produce both Class B and C.
Class B fires caused by flammable liquids (B) and C fires caused by energized electrical equipment (C).

6. What are the modular extinguisher?

Sprinkler technology underpins the Modular Extinguisher. The Nozzle, in contrast to the Sprinkler, is gas-tight. The release temperature can be modified to meet the needs of the situation.

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