What is the FM-200 Fire suppression system and how does it work?

FM-200 Fire Suppression System is getting into the market rapidly, people are talking about it and mostly in case of fire accidents in Data Centre, it is being used. This article includes the reason behind its popularity, usability and how it can replace Halon, the famous Fire avoiding gas used so far.

What is FM-200?

FM-200 is the commercial name of Heptafluoropropane which is a compound of Carbon, Fluorine and Propane. This gas has many benefits in the situation of fire attack and that is why it is getting popular nowadays.

How Does FM- 200 Fire Suppression System work?

The FM- Fire Suppression System uses gas that can control fire without damaging any IT gadgets and without disturbing the human breathing process.

Generally, the fire suppressing gas Halon is used which does the work correctly but it is a danger to the OZONE layer. Where in the FM-200 FM- Fire Suppression System is beneficial for both fire suppressing and not damaging the environment.

FM-200 FM- Fire Suppression System works in a way that whenever there is a fire attack this gas can reduce the heat and control fire, it does not damage any gadget or electronics, it also evaporates without leaving a residue, it is a human-friendly gas which does not cause any breathing issue.

Benefits of using FM-200 FM- Fire Suppression System

1.     It is easily available gas and the system can be installed in offices and other spaces where there might be a need for a fire extinguisher.

2.     This gas does not conduct electricity. For that factor, it is safe to use electronics or rooms where electronic devices are there. It won’t damage the gadgets and stop the fire from spreading. It also does not stick to gadgets which is another benefit.

3.     The biggest benefit of using FM-200 gas is that it does not deplete the ozone layer. Ozone layer depletion due to chemical gases and other global warming agents has been one of the biggest environmental problems. In that case, the FM-200 gas is perfect. It does the work without damaging the environment.

4.     This gas helps to use smaller spaces for the data centre. Generally, the data centre takes up a lot of space but accumulating all of that in a smaller space is normally not practised because of the fear of fire damage. Anytime the fire gets to spread the data centre cannot be saved if the space is smaller. With the help of FM-200 FM- Fire Suppression System it is possible as the gas spreads quickly and it also controls fire in no time.

5.     Another health and environmental benefit is that this gas is not toxic. Normally humans cannot breathe properly due to such fire suppressing gases but in this case, you can breathe properly and come out of the danger zone. It will not affect human health and give enough time to comfortably come out of the dangerous space.

Bottom line

FM-200 gas is a revolutionary discovery where it checks all the boxes of requirements. It does the work without damaging any device or electronic gadget, it does not damage the environment and human health, it is a non-toxic gas which can be made easily available. As the world is growing with the help of science this gas has been one of the most beneficial discoveries. Before this Halon was one of the best gases for controlling fire but it affected the Ozone layer. Now that we have FM-200 it is easy to control fire without causing any further damage.

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