What is MBR based water treatment plant? How does it works?

What is MBR Based water treatment?

The Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) is a novel wastewater treatment method. It combines two technologies, as the name implies, membrane filtration and biological treatment.

High-tech technology for advanced water treatment plants, also known as MBR (Membrane bioreactor) water treatment plants. MBR plants are used for water treatment processes polluted by industries with chemicals. These technologies are not only used in industrial areas but also residential and commercial developments.

The key reasons for the shift in preference towards MBR include reduced energy requirements, lower operating costs, cleaner effluent quality with reduced pollutant load, and higher chemical usage efficiency.

How does MBR technology for water treatment work?

MBR technology is a water treatment process that uses micro-filtration and adsorption to remove water’s chemicals, metals, and other substances.

It works by filtering water through a membrane with tiny holes, allowing only certain particles to pass through.

The membrane is made of a material with small holes, such as polyester or cellulose. The holes are too small for most particles to pass through but big enough for water molecules to move freely.

Specification in MBR

  • Plant range from 10 KLD to 200 KLD.
  • Dual screen system enhance Treatment.
  • Module types plug N play system.
  • Operating Mode Manual/Automatic.
  • Designed for high BOD, COD & TSS reduction.
  • Available in Module or Civil structure.
  • Flexible to do aboveground / underground.
  • Effective polishing unit.
  • Low level of Nuisance.
  • Equipped with monitoring & measuring system.
  • Long desludging period.
  • Small foot print  

Applications of MBR 

  • Hotels & Resorts.
  • Urban & Rural Infrastructure.
  • Food-processing units.
  • Hospitals & Malls.
  • Textile Industry.
  • Commercial & Residential complex.
  • School, Colleges & Institutions.
  • Power Plants.
  • Automobiles Industries.
  • Oil & Gas companies.
  • Iron & Steel Industries.
  • Fertilizer & Solvent Extractors.
  • Petrochemicals
  • Refinery.
  • Pharmaceuticals.
  • Pulp and Papers Industries.
  • Dye & Chemicals Units.

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