What is a clean agent gas extinguisher?

The name clean agent slightly tells you about the concept of a Clean Agent Gas Extinguisher. Normally in fire extinguisher gases are used. Gas is the main agent to control the spread of fire. If you see the scientific side, fire contains three parts which are heat, oxygen and fuel source. If any one of these three elements is removed the fire will stop spreading. Generally, fire extinguishers reduce the heat to stop the fire. Now coming back to the clean agent, which has to have certain qualities to be called clean.

Specifications of a clean agent

Normally there are plenty of chemicals and gases which can be used to stop a fire but a clean agent is preferable due to its certain qualities. Some of the important qualities of a clean agent are mentioned below.

  1. It does not leave any residue after evaporation. Once the fire stops other agents would leave a cast or a residue but a clean agent will not leave any residue. Once it evaporates completely the surface will get back its original look.
  2. A clean agent does not conduct heat or electricity. In case of a fire outbreak, the first problematic area is the electric boards or devices. It is easy to catch fire on an electronic device. A clean agent will not conduct electricity or heat.
  3. A clean agent is environment-friendly. That means it is not toxic to humans as well as the environment. Generally, fire extinguishing gases show an adverse effect on the ozone layer but a clean agent will not do that.

Common clean agents used for Fire extinguishing

Apart from the special qualities of a clean agent, you should know that there are generally three types of clean agents used. Let’s know about the three common clean agents for fire extinguishing.

  1. Ansul Inergen- This is a combination of inert gases along with other gases which are Nitrogen, Argon and Carbon Dioxide. These three gases make a great blend of gas which results in a clean agent for fire extinguishing.
  2. FM-200 – This is one of the most Eco-friendly gases available for fire extinguishing. This is a colourless gas which is also non-toxic. It is good for human health as well as the environment. It does not deplete the ozone layer. Whenever this gas is used to stop the fire, it gives you enough time to get out of the danger zone without getting choked due to chemicals and gases.
  3. 3M NOVEC 1230- This is another non-toxic agent which is colourless. Primarily this agent is used for places where most electronic gadgets are placed. It is great for electronic gadgets as it does not leave any residue and also does not damage the electronic devices internally.

Benefits of using a clean agent gas extinguisher

  1. It is safe for the environment, human health and electronic devices.
  2. It does not leave any residue and has no associated damage.
  3. There is no need to clean up after the fire is stopped. The gas will automatically evaporate and leave no residue.
  4. Since there is not much damage control required after the fire has been stopped then you can get back to work quickly.
  5. The gases are so effective that the entire process of fire extinguishing is done quickly without much mess.

Fire extinguishing is an important task and having such environment-friendly clean agents for the work makes it a better choice. Nowadays most fire extinguishing service providers use clean agents to save nature. You can always ask them about the gases they use.

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