Pumps and Air Compressors for Ceramic Industry

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Pumps: The Toughest Pumps For The Most Abrasive Slips, Slurries & Glazes

The ceramics market covers everything from glass to pottery to cement. Regardless of the end ceramic product being manufactured, this industry has one common challenge: highly viscous and abrasive materials as part of the manufacturing process.

Our pumps can handle these harsh applications without common failure modes, including air valve breakdown or stalling, check ball abrasive wear, and solids which cause the pump to clog. Utilizing our proven pump design allows you to experience more uptime and consistent product quality in this high-viscosity, high-head pressure application. Additionally, we has pioneered improved designs that minimize air consumption while providing maximum flow performance, reducing overall costs and increasing efficiency.

Air Compressor: High Performance And Good Stability 

As a product with high performance and good stability, air compressors have always been concerned in the industry. At the stage of continuous development, all aspects of the performance of air compressors have met the requirements of the design. From the perspective of the whole practical application process, it fully embodies the advantages of air compressor, no matter in the process of development or continuous improvement, air compressor The overall requirements are very in line with the needs of production, and in the face of the increasing product specifications of various enterprises, it is also necessary to provide more reliable guarantee for the unit products.

Through the application of air compressors, its overall performance is higher than that of a single pump, and it can adapt to a more enterprise production environment. Under the continuous development of product advantages, it is very important to improve product quality for development.

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