Public Address Systems (PA systems)

Multipurpose PA systems primarily ensure safety of all the workers on premises by notifying everyone immediately for fire outbreaks and other hazards

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World Class public address systems

Earthlink Technologies provide a complete range of solutions of Public Address systems (PA systems) which can be used for announcements and alerts in number of situations for organisations like manufacturing plant, factories, hospitals, buildings, schools, and more.

Products Offerings

Types of speakers

Types of speakers

Depending on the size and type of premises, we have a range of speakers to choose from so you don’t compromise with anything

Volume Controllers

Volume Controllers

Volume controllers available in all types from wall mounting to rack mounting to ensure a complete system setup in any kind of premises.



Best in class amplifiers that creates the appropriate delivery for the sound and message through the installed public address systems

Central Console

Central Console

Public address systems contains a lot of inputs (microphones) and a lot of outputs (speakers). A central console is must to make proper match while operation


Microphone acts as the primary source of input for spoken messages to be delivered across organisation through the PA Systems.



Expanders are the opposite of compressors. They broaden the dynamic range for the sound delivering the extensive sharpness and quality

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Let us safeguard your premises from any possibilities of fire and related danger with our advanced fire safety systems.

Earthlink’s Fire Safety Products Offerings

Fire Suppression System

Get the first line of defence in place for the fire outbreaks with a fire suppression system. With fire suppression systems stop the fire before it spreads.

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Fire Hydrant System

Safeguard the complete premises in cases of unpredictable wide fire outbreaks with fire hydrant systems which activate instantly on smoke detection.

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Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers can be a life saviour when all the automatic system fails to defeat fire. A fire extinguisher system equips to manually fight the fire and escape the premises.

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Fire Alarm Systems

Explore how fire alarm & detection systems can defeat every possibility of fire outbreaks with advanced sensors and technology

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Why Choose Earthlink for Fire Safety Products

Beside the quality products and on time deliveries, there’s a lot that sets us apart from the competition, here’s what it is.

Excellent After Sales Services

We don’t leave you at the delivery and installation. We do serve with AMCs for the projects we do

Extended Warranties for lasting trust

We have believe in our quality and to get your trust we provide extended warranties to all our products

Trained team of Professionals

With Earthlink, you also get a support of a team strength of 30 people who are professionally trained and certified for dedicated and specific tasks.


1. What is PA in fire safety?

A PA system, also known as a Public Address system, is an electronic sound amplification and distribution system with a microphone, amplifier, and loudspeakers that enables a speaker to address a large audience, such as when making announcements about movements at busy and large airport and rail terminals.

Generally Public-Address System is classified into three main categories:
Personal PA, Medium PA & Full-size PA.
1. Personal PA : It consists Single speaker or mini-speaker array.
2. Medium PA: It is made up of two vertical speakers on either side of the stage, as well as a simple wedge-shaped feedback sound device.
3. Full size PA: It consists speaker linear array and extremely complex feedback sound system.

In the case of an emergency, public address and voice alarm systems enable safe and controlled building evacuation. To assist with building evacuation, the system can start sending out clear voice messages. The systems can also be utilised to provide paging system and background music services.

These components are used in Public Addression System.
Microphones, Microphone stands, Cables, Mixer, Loud Speaker, Volume Controllers, Power Amplifier, Central Console, Expanders, Signal Processors.

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