All you need to know about the BOC Fire suppression system.

Fire extinguishing is an important service but the after-effect causes a lot of byproducts which are not at all good for the environment. To reduce the byproduct BOC fire suppression system is created. It is eco-friendly for suppressing options which brings along a lot of benefits.

How does the BOC Fire Suppression System work?

The BOC Fire Suppression system can be installed in any place where it is required. It can only be installed by professionals but the system can be used by anyone. Once you install the system the gas can be refilled when needed. There are plenty of BOC Fire Suppression System installers available in India. You need to find the best in your city.

Things to do while installing the BOC Fire Suppression System

A professional would install the BOC Fire Suppression System but you need to make sure that they follow all the steps mentioned below. As a customer, you need to know the process a little bit to get the work done correctly.

  • The professionals should test and clean all detectors so that the installation process begins seamlessly.
  • They must check the cylinder pressure before installing it. There is a specific range of pressure and if it is out of range then the professional needs to take care of it. Generally, before any installation, the technicians check the pressure and then bring the cylinder but it is also they should check right before installation.
  • Another important step is to check the input and output circuit supervision. If input and output units are working fine then only the BOC Fire Suppression System will work seamlessly.
  • Checking the shutdown and evacuation circuits is also necessary.
  • They should inspect the piping nozzles to avoid any accidents.
  • They must stimulate the system discharge and test the releasing circuits for better assurance.
  • Finally, they should also check the hydro test dates for cylinders and discharge hoses. 

Once all of these are checked then the installation can be done and it will work perfectly. Make sure to run the system once to know about its usage and operation process.

Where can the BOC Fire Suppression System be installed?

You must be confused about where to install the BOC Fire Suppression System. You should always install it where it may be required most of the time. Here is a list of locations where the BOC Fire Suppression System should be installed.

  1. Computer rooms
  2. Data Storage centre of facilities
  3. Telecommunications unit
  4. Oil & Gas Petrochemical Facilities
  5. Museums
  6. Libraries
  7. Achieve rooms
  8. Medical facilities
  9. Manufacturing facilities
  10. Storage areas

BOC Fire Suppression systems are installed in such areas where a lot of electronic devices are kept and the spaces where a lot of important documents and products are kept. It is important to keep the data secure from fire. In the case of libraries and archive rooms, it is important because those two places hold the history of the world. Some life-changing documents and some important special edition books are there. In medical and manufacturing facilities important chemicals and products are kept which is why it is important to keep the BOC Fire Suppression System there. In any storage room, it is also important to install a BOC Fire Suppression System because storage rooms accommodate a lot of stuff in a small space and the potential damage is higher there.

BOC Fire Suppression System is one of the revolutionary inventions which does not create many byproducts. It is an eco-friendly fire suppression system that the world needs.

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