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Earthlink’s Zero Liquid Discharge Treatment Guide

Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) is a wastewater treatment process that aims to eliminate all liquid discharge from industrial operations. The goal of ZLD is to conserve water resources by treating the wastewater generated in an industrial process to the point where it can be reused within the plant, or in some cases, converted into a solid material that can be disposed of. The process involves several stages, including treatment, evaporation, and crystallisation, to remove all water and produce a solid by-product. ZLD systems are commonly used in industries such as power generation, textiles, and petrochemical production where water is a limited resource and regulations require minimization of liquid discharge.

Opting for Earthlink technologies as a project contractor for your Zero Liquid Discharge solution can be a great decision as we have set forth a specialised team of professional sales engineers for this purpose. They are trained to conduct a thorough process of installation by following rituals like site analysis, requirements, procurement and supply of machineries, testing, and maintenance. This way nothing can come into way to successful installation and operation of your Zero Liquid Discharge.


Let us make sure the efficient use of water and the well treated outcomes with our waste water and water treatment plant solutions

Technologies used for Zero Liquid Discharge Solutions

Reverse Osmosis (RO)

RO is a filtration process that removes dissolved salts and other impurities from the wastewater, producing high-quality water suitable for reuse.

Multi Stage Flash Evaporation (MSF)

MSF is a combination of flash evaporation and RO that can achieve high levels of water recovery and minimise the volume of liquid discharge.

Electro-dialysis Reversal (EDR)

EDR is a technology used to remove dissolved salts from the wastewater, producing high-quality water suitable for reuse.

Multi-Effect Evaporation

MEE is a thermal desalination process that uses multiple stages of evaporation to concentrate wastewater. Each stage reuses heat from the previous stage, making it an energy-efficient method for reducing liquid discharge and recovering clean water.


This involves converting dissolved salts and other impurities in the wastewater into solid crystals that can be easily removed and disposed of.

Membrane Bioreactors (MBR)

MBRs combine biological treatment with membrane filtration to produce high-quality water suitable for reuse.

Mechanical Vapor Recompression

MVR is an energy-efficient process that compresses vapor from evaporated wastewater, recycling its energy to evaporate more water. This reduces energy consumption and enhances water recovery, ideal for ZLD applications.

Earthlink Water Treatment Solution’s Expertise

Sewage Treatment

With advanced technologies and a team of vetted professionals, we can help you setup an optimal sewage treatment plant as per your needs.

Waste Water Treatment

From requirement analysis to installation & testing, we have got you all covered for your waste water treatment plant needs.

Operation & Maintenance

We don’t leave you after installation. We stand by your side to assist you for the continuous operation & maintenance of the water treatment plant.

Sectors We Serve

Serving diverse sectors with tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of industries, businesses, and communities worldwide.


Removing drug residues and chemicals to prevent water pollution and protect ecosystems, while implementing advanced fire safety systems to ensure the secure operation of pharmaceutical facilities.


Treating water to remove impurities and ensure sustainable processes, while incorporating fire safety systems to protect high-temperature operations in the ceramic industry.


Purifying water to remove oils, fuels, and heavy metals, protecting water sources and environmental integrity, while seamlessly integrating fire safety systems to safeguard manufacturing processes.


Cleaning to remove dyes and chemicals, preventing water pollution and preserving aquatic ecosystems, while incorporating fire safety systems to protect production facilities.

Hotels and Clubs

Filtering out detergents and pollutants to ensure wastewater meets environmental regulations and protects water bodies, while integrating fire safety systems to safeguard guests and facilities.

Food and Beverages

Ensuring quality and safety by removing organic waste and contaminants, while providing comprehensive fire safety solutions to protect production facilities.


Optimizing water treatment to support sustainable energy production, while incorporating fire safety systems to ensure the protection and efficiency of solar power facilities.


Filtering out contaminants to ensure safe water discharge and maintaining environmental health in urban areas, while integrating comprehensive fire safety systems to protect your assets.


Treating to neutralize and remove harmful substances, safeguarding water quality and environmental health, while integrating advanced fire safety systems to protect your operations.

Why Choose Earthlink for Water Treatment Solutions

Beside the quality products and on time deliveries, there’s a lot that sets us apart from the competition, here’s what it is.

Excellent After Sales Services

We don’t just stop at delivery and installation; we provide ongoing support with Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMCs) for all our projects. Our commitment ensures your systems remain reliable and efficient long after installation. With our AMCs, you benefit from regular maintenance, timely updates, and expert support. Trust us to be your long-term partner in safety and performance.

Trained team of Professionals

With Earthlink, you also get a support of a team strength of 30 people who are professionally trained and certified for dedicated and specific tasks.

Extended Warranties for lasting trust

We believe in the quality of our products and to earn your trust, we offer extended warranties on all our items. This ensures you have peace of mind and confidence in the durability and reliability of our products. With our extended warranties, you can rely on long-term protection and support.


Common Questions About Pricing
1. What is Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD)?

ZLD is a water treatment process that eliminates wastewater discharge by recovering and reusing all water while producing solid waste.

2. How does Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) work? conventional and addressable fire alarms?

ZLD involves multiple treatment stages, including pretreatment, primary treatment, secondary treatment, and evaporation/crystallization to remove contaminants and evaporate water, leaving behind solid waste.

3. What are the benefits of Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD)?

ZLD ensures environmental compliance by eliminating wastewater discharge, reduces freshwater usage, and offers potential revenue from selling solid waste byproducts.

4. Is Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) expensive?

ZLD systems can be costly to install and operate due to infrastructure and energy requirements, but long-term cost savings and potential revenue can make it cost-effective.

5. Can Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) be customized for different industries?

Yes, ZLD systems can be customized to meet the specific needs of different industries based on wastewater volume, composition, desired water quality, and available resources.

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