Pumps and Air Compressors for Automobile Industry

Pumps and Air Compressors for Automobile Industry

Pumps: Totally Integrated And Sustainable Pumping Solutions 

Whether it concerns a metal sheet or a finished car, fluids are used everywhere in the automotive industry. In industrial applications for fluid transfer, lubrication, painting, and sealing and cleaning of the produced parts, but also in more consumer-oriented applications such as car wash streets.

We offers a wide range of fluid pumps for the automotive production process. Depending on the application we have precise dosing pumps, chemical-resistant pumps for pickling baths, or pumps for painting cars and parts of cars in the spray line. Dosing car shampoo is an application where pumps delivered by Earthlink are also successfully used. 

In advanced production lines pumps delivered by Earthlink can even be operated by robots, or completely automatically remote controlled.

Air Compressor: Power The Future With Toughest Air Compressors 

Air compressors might be the hardest workers in the automotive industry. Automotive air compressor equipment is key to performing vital manufacturing and maintenance tasks that keep cars, trucks, and all other kinds of vehicles clean, safe, and on the road.

Earthlink delivers durable, reliable air compressors ideal for a wide variety of uses in the automotive industry. Werther International’s automotive air compressor equipment is expertly engineered, skillfully crafted and rigidly tested to handle the most challenging automotive tasks in the most demanding conditions.

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