Fire Hydrant Valve & Its Types.

What is Fire Hydrant Valve?

A fire hydrant valve is a valve that is used to distribute water from a water main to the fire hose. The fire hydrant valve is a device that can be used to control the flow of water from a fire hydrant.

 The fire and emergency services, as well as industrial fire departments, connect to the hydrant to access the water supply for fighting fires using fire hydrant valves. Fixed fire protection devices known as active fire protection equipment can be activated in an emergency to put out fires.

Active fire protection equipment refers to fixed fire protection systems that can be used to fight fires in an emergency.

Types of Fire Hydrant Valve. 

Different types of Fire Hydrant Valves are as follows.

  • Fire Pressure Regulating Valves,
  • Grooved Type Butterfly Valve,
  • Fire Hydrant Valve, 
    1. Single Hydrant Valve
    2. Double Hydrant Valve.

The most common types of fire hydrants are single and double hydrant valves. 

1. Single Hydrant Valve

Single hydrant valve is used when there is only one fire hydrant on a property.

Single Hydrant Valve


  • Performance test
  • Other range: 38 mm/50 mm
  • Hand wheel: Grey cast iron

2. Double Hydrant Valve

Double hydrant valves are installed when there are two or more hydrants on a property for redundancy.

Single & Double hydrant valve
Double Hydrant Valve


  • Size: 63mm
  • Inlet: 75 mm flanged
  • Material: Gunmetal /stainless steel
  • Paint: Fire Red
  • Testing pressure (body): 21 Kgf/cm2
  • Testing pressure (seat): 14 Kgf/cm2

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